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Prof. Danilo Suvorov

Suvorov v

Scientific Counselor
Professor of Materials Science


Prof. Suvorov's activity reflects broad and productive scholarship in ceramic science and technology. He is among the most recognised experts in the field of electronic ceramics. D. Suvorov authored or co-authored more then 200 refereed publications in journals and proceedings and is co-editor of four books - proceedings. He has presented papers (more than 200) and invited lectures (over 100) and visited several laboratories in various European countries, USA, Brazil and Japan, South Korea and China. His work has been citated more than 1600 times and current H index is 29.
He was a principal investigator in several international bilateral research projects. Among them are:
• Slovene – USA project with University of Pennsylvania (with Prof. P. Davies),
• Slovene – GB project with University of Manchester and UMIST ( with Dr. R.Freer),
• Slovene – South Korea project with Korean Institute for Science and Technology (with Dr.Y.H.Kim)
• Slovene – Italy project with Universita Tor Vergata from Rome, Italy (with Prof. E. Traversa).,
• Slovene – Ukraina project with V.I.Vernadskii Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry NAS, Ukraine (with A. Belous)
• Slovene – GB project with South Bank University, London, GB ( with N. McN Alford)
• Slovene – Czech Republic project with Institute of Physics, Prague, Czech Republik (with J. Petzelt)
• Slovene – France project with Science des Procédés Céramiques et de Traitements de Surface, CNRS, France (with P. Thomas), and others.
He was also a principal investigator of several EU-frame work research projects (5th, 6th, 7th EU Framework), two Eureka projects, one NATO for peace project and a co—chair of COST 525 “Electronic Ceramics”.
D. Suvorov was the member of international and local boards for a number of Conferences on electronic ceramics held in Europe, USA, Japan and South Korea. He served as a chairman of sessions at Conferences on ceramics all over the world more than 100 times. Among them most important are:
• in 1999, he organized the 1st Slovene - Korean Workshop on Materials and Technologies in Ljubljana;
• in 2000, he organized International Conference on Microwave Materials and Their Applications MMA 2000 on Bled;
• In 2005, he organized IX. European Ceramic Society Conference and Exhibition in Portorož;
• from 2000, he is a co-organizer of the International Symposium on “Advanced Dielectric Materials: Design, Preparation, Processing, Properties & Applications” at Annual Meetings of the American Ceramic Society.
For the last ten years he is also a reviewer for the J. Am. Ceram. Soc., J. Mater. Soc., Mater. Res. Soc., J. Eur. Ceram. Soc., Applied physics Letters, Thin Solid films, and several other scientific Journals..
D. Suvorov is Professor of Materials Science at University of Ljubljana and is teaching courses related to materials science at Faculty for Chemistry and Chemical Technology, at Faculty for Mathematics and Physics and at the International Post-graduated school Jozef Stefan. Under his supervision more than 52 Ph D’s and Masters degrees has been successfully completed.


B.Sc. (dipl.ing.) 1976 Chemistry
M.Sc. (mag.) 1982 Chemistry
Ph.D. (Dr.) 1984 Chemistry
All Degrees obtained at Faculty for Natural Sciences and Technology, University of Ljubljana

Professional career

2018 -           External consultant, Advanced Materials Department, J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana

2004 - 2018 Scientific Counselor, J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana
                      Head, Advanced Materials Department
                      Professor of Materials Science, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana

2001 - 2003 Senior Research Associate, J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana
                      Head, Advanced Materials Department
                      Associated Professor, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana

1993 - 2001 Senior Research Associate , Ceramic Department, J. Stefan Institute,
                      Head, Ceramics and Glass Research Group

1987- 1992 Research Associate , Ceramic Department, J. Stefan Institute,
                     Assistant Professor, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana

1984 - 1987 Post-Doc Researcher, Ceramic Department, J.Stefan Institute, Ljubljana

1980 - 1984 Reasaerch Assistant, Ceramic Department, J.Stefan Institute, Ljubljana

1976 - 1980 Research Associate , ISKRA-IEZE, Ljubljana

Visit outside of Slovenia:

1985 - 1986 Visiting researcher, Institut für Gestainshüttenkunde, Aachen, Germany

Academic Career:

1987 - 1992 Assistant Professor, University of Ljubljana
2001 - 2004 Associate Professor, University of Ljubljana
2004 - Professor of Materials Science, University of Ljubljana

Honors and Awards:

• National Science Innovation Award, 1984
• National Science Innovation Award, 1987
• Full Member of the IISS, International Institut for Science of Sintering, 2002
• Invited Academician,World Academy of Ceramics, 2007
• Fellow, American Ceramic Society, 2008
• President of Technical Committee of the International Ceramic Federation ICF, 2009
• President of the European Ceramic Society, 2011-13
• International ceramic Federation, President-Elect, 2012-13
• Fellow, European Ceramic Society, 2013
• International Ceramic Federation, President, 2014-16

Memberships and offices in Scientific and Professional Societies

• Member of the American Ceramic Society
• Member of the European Ceramic Society
• Honour Member of the Korea Ceramic Society
• Member of the Slovenian Chemical Society
• Member of the Slovenian Materials Society
• Member of the MIDEM

Professional Activities and Recognition

• President Elect of the European Ceramic Society, 2009-
• President of Tecnical Committee, ICF, International Ceramic Federation, 2009-
• Full Member of the IISS, International Institut for Science of Sintering
• Board of Governors, Slovenian Materials Society, 1994-
• Member of Basic Science and Education Board, European Ceramic Society, 1996-
• Board of Governors, European Ceramic Society, 1999-
• European COST 525 Project “Advanced Electroceramics: Grain Boundary Engineering”, Vice-chair of Management Committee, 1999 –2005
• Member of the Managing Board of the European Ceramic Society, 1998-
• Permanent Executive Committee, European Ceramic Society, 2005

Research interests

Prof. Danilo Suvorov’s principal interests include investigation of the high temperture reactions, synthesis of electronic ceramics, studies of phase relations and reaction mechanisms in ceramic systems and synthesis of glasses. His work is currently focussing on development of electronic ceramics with insulating properties such as capacitors, microwave ceramics and tunable ceramics as well as those with semiconducting properties and LTCC technology. However, he is active in other ceramic research fields, such as glass and mineral wool. In the glass area, his study is concerned with crystallization of glass. In these areas he is using different powder preparation methods in order to achieve dense and homogenous ceramic with desired electrical properties. Most frequently he has used modern analytical methods such as x-ray, SEM (with EDAX, EDS and WDS) and TEM, for his investigantions. In the last period he has also used more advanced tecniques such as EXAFS and high resolution neutron diffraction.
He's outstanding contribution to ceramic science and technology is not limited to functional ceramics. In selecting the areas of fundamental research, he is motivated by development needs for industrial production. He proved himself as able and resourcefull researcher and a responsible leader of numerous industry-financed projects with Slovene and foreign industrial partners. In the last 20 years he was a principal investigator in more then 40 R&D project which resulted in several newly developed materials and technologies. Together with co-authors he has published more than 250 technical reports (mainly in Slovenian language) and holds 19 international and 3 Slovenian patents and several technical innovations.