Alja Čontala, MSc. received Rector's award of University of Maribor

January 2018


Defence of the Doctoral Dissertation: Nemanja Aničić

The Defence of the Doctoral Dissertation of Nemanja Aničić entitled: Innovative coatings for applications in medicine: Application of the multifunctional V2O5- and MgO-based materials, was held on Monday, December 4th, 2017, at 16...

05.10.2017 Kick-off meeting

CTB Basics, dr. Jakob König


Tjaša Parkelj won 2nd place for Best Oral Presentation

25th International Conference on Materials and Technology, October 2017, Portorož, Slovenia


Department seminar 28th September 2017

Structural details of the Sr buffered Si surface prepared with pulsed laser deposition