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Assoc. Prof. Nina Daneu

Nina Daneu1

Senior research associate
Associate Professor at Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School



1991 – 1996: BSc in geology, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology (FNST), University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. BSc thesis: "Clay liners for landfill sealing systems"
1998 – 2003: PhD in geology, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. PhD thesis: "Inversion boundaries in zinc oxide"

Professional backgroud

1997 – 1998: Engineering geologist; Laboratory for Geotechnics, National Institute for Civil Engineering, Slovenia
1998 – 2003: PhD student; Department for Ceramics, JSI
2003 – 2012: Researcher; Department for Nanostructured Materials, JSI
2005 – 2006: Alexander von Humboldt postdoctoral fellow; Institute for Inorganic Chemistry, Bonn University, Germany. Postdoc project: "Twinning in rutile"
2012 – 2018: Senior researcher; Department for Nanostructured Materials, JSI
2018  – now: Senior researcher; Advanced Materials Department, JSI


2006: Jožef Stefan Golden Emblem prize

Research interests

- Atomic structure, chemical composition and formation mechanism of chemically-induced planar faults. 
- The effects of planar faults on crystal growth, development of ceramic microstructures and physical properties of natural minerals and functional materials. 
- Polytypism, epitaxies, phase transformations, oriented (topotaxial) recrystallization mechanisms. 
- Analytical techniques: scanning and transmission electron microscopy (SEM, TEM, CTEM, HRTEM, STEM) with diffraction (SAD, CBED) and analytical techniques (EDS, EELS).