2022 Jožef Stefan Young Researchers Conference

Kamnik, June 2022

Young researchers from the Advanced materials department, JSI attended a three-day student scientific conference in Kamnik on 1 June, organized every year by the Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School. As part of this, doctoral and master's students from various research fields meet, weave ties, break the ice in public speaking and present their research work. The main thread of this year's conference was »Better communication, better science«, which came to the fore even more during the pandemic. Invited speakers dr. Zarja Muršič, Maja Ratej, dr. Matja Zalar and dr. Sašo Dolenc shared their view on this.

After two years of conferences and meetings online, all the young researchers were delighted to be able to interact in person and share ideas and experiences with colleagues at the beginning of their research careers. Alja Čontala and Nina Kuzmić also participated as the main organizers of the event, thus gaining useful organizational experience.

Our abstracts are accessible here! ☀️

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