26th International Congress on Glass

Berlin, July 2022

In the beginning of July 2022 our co-workers Dr. Jakob König and Uroš Hribar attended the International Congress on Glass, organized by the International Commission on Glass. The congress takes place every three years and offers a valuable opportunity for the glass scientists and technologists to meet and exchange experience on glass science and technology. The rendition of the event was especially commemorative, besides being the International Year of Glass, the year 2022 also depicts the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the host organization – Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft (DGG). Over the 5 days around 850 attendees participated in 45 technical sessions grouped in 8 symposia. During the technical sessions of “Glass Recycling and Raw Materials” and “Geopolymers, Slags and Alternative Glass Products” our co-workers presented their investigation related to the sustainable production of thermally insulative foamed glass.