A new PLD system at our PLD laboratory

We are happy to announce that a new PLD system has been installed in our PLD lab this summer. Two PLD systems are now available for the preparation of thin films: a high-vacuum (HV) and an ultra-high-vacuum (UHV) PLD system.

The first (HV PLD) system operates at a base pressure of about 1x10-7 mbar and will be used for deposition of thicker oxide films. The second (UHV PLD) system will be used for deposition of oxide films on semiconductor substrates that require a cleaner environment due to the high reactivity of pure semiconducting surfaces. The system is equipped with a load-lock system, an ion pump, a TSP pump, UHV tight gas lines and a bake-out tent that enable reaching a base pressure below 5x10-9 mbar. The UHV PLD is equipped also with a storage chamber that can store up to 12 samples mounted on Omicron type plates and a docking system for a UHV suitcase that allows sample transfer to an STM and an XPS system without breaking vacuum. Both PLD systems are equipped with a Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED) system that enables monitoring the film growth in situ and in real time. The UV light needed for target ablation can be directed into the PLD systems from a single laser unit.

With the additional PLD system, we are now able to work with materials that contain more volatile elements, such as lead, and reactive materials that require an extremely clean environment simultaneously.