Advanced materials department JSI - receiver of Hop-on HORIZON Europe grant - as participant in ANEMEL project

Advanced materials department JSI will offer expertise of bifunctional electrocatalysts to ANEMEL project, under project leader Dr. Suraj Gupta

JSI Advanced materials department was chosen to become partner of ANEMEL Horizon Europe project, under the leadership of Dr. Suraj Gupta.

ANEMEL aims at the development of an anion exchange membrane electrolyzer that operates using low-grade water sources such as saline and wastewater, to produce green hydrogen using renewable sources. The project will achieve this objective by focusing on the preparation of selective and efficient membrane electrode assemblies using non-critical raw materials as electrocatalysts and membranes. 

The role of Dr. Suraj Gupta and team of Advanced materials department is to develop and tailor a series of cost-effective multi-metallic transition metal borides with excellent performance, selectivity and stability in the desired electrolytes (pH 7–12), suitable for anion exchange membrane water electrolyser operation.

The use of non-CRM-based transition metal borides will provide a distinct advantage of using the same electrocatalyst for both cathodic and anodic reactions in anion exchange membrane water electrolysers.

Transition metal borides is a new and the promising class of bifunctional electrocatalysts for anion exchange membrane water electrolysers and JSI group holds long-term expertise in design and discovery of different configurations of transition metal borides electrocatalysts.

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