AMULET 2nd Open Call - Meet the winners - Slovenian companies among selected projects

AMULET announced it's 2nd Open Call in 2023 and 66 companies from 16 countries participated! 

The second Open Call enjoyed great interest. European SMEs have been numerous to apply with 37 submitted applications and selected 31 involving 66 entities from 16 countries. 3 countries stand out among others - Italy (15 applicants) as one of the top source countries, then Spain (11 applicants) and Greece (8 applicants).

Slovenian companies among the selected projects of AMULET Open Call tenders

Among the companies that applied for both last year's and this year's call for tenders for the European AMULET project, Slovenian companies were also among the selected projects, which with their proposed solutions address technological challenges in the field of materials, while at the same time contributing to reducing the carbon footprint and focusing on the automotive industry, aeronautics, energy and construction.

At the second tender period (2nd Open Call), the expert committee was convinced by AFormX IIcAdditio d.o.o. and Ekstera d.o.o. from Slovenia.

In addition to financial resources (up to 120,000 euros per individual consortium), companies will also receive other forms of support in technical development, with training, etc., during the development of solutions.

All the finalists of the 2nd open call are listed here. Congratulations to all the winners!