ANEMEL INTERVIEW: JSI researcher Dr. Suraj Gupta on research collaboration with ANEMEL, green hydrogen generation, importance of seawater electrolysis and more!

The Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, recently joined the ANEMEL project through the European Commission's "hop-on" facility, fostering partnerships between the widening countries and research institutions across the European Union.

Slovenia's commitment to supporting green hydrogen aligns with ANEMEL's objectives, emphasizing the crucial role of widening countries in achieving Europe's climate goals. 

ANEMEL’s unique contribution to green hydrogen generation is utilizing low-grade water as input feedstock and emphasizing sustainability across membranes and metal electrodes.

Dr. Suraj Gupta from JSI Advanced materials department, the principal investigator of this project, highlights JSI's role in ANEMEL, related to seawater electrolysis. 

JSI specializes in developing non-noble bifunctional electrocatalysts using abundant (instead of scarce) elements like iron, nickel and manganese, contributing valuable low-cost catalysts to ANEMEL. These catalysts, free from platinum group metals, promise improved stability and selectivity in seawater, crucial for sustainable operation.

Dr. Gupta underscores the significance of seawater-based electrolysers, especially with the growth of the green hydrogen market in Europe. 

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