Article published in Small

MgO Antibacterial Properties: Fewer Defects in the Surface Slows the Hydrolysis Rate, Decreases the ROS Generation Potential, and Improves the Non‐ROS Antimicrobial Activity of MgO (Small 26/2018)

Researchers from Jožef Stefan Institute, N. Aničić, M. Vukomanović and D. Suvorov (Advanced Materials Department, K9) and Tilen Koklič (Department of Condensed Matter Physics, F5), revealed basic principles of contact mechanism for antimicrobial activity of MgO. They confirmed the critical role of the MgO’s surface defects in the hydrolysis, antibacterial activity and ROS generation and indicated important guidelines in the design of MgO-containing medical devices in the future. They published their findings in the journal Small and the illustration of the research is selected for journal’s cover page.


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