Celebrating two years of implementation of the AMULET project

Celebrating 2 Years of AMULET H2020 Project Progress! 
It's been a remarkable journey for the Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) as we reflect on the past two years of our active involvement in the AMULET project.
*Dedicated Support for SME Empowerment: In the AMULET project, JSI has played a pivotal role in providing support towards discovering and delivering technological solutions that empower Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Our focus has been on leveraging our expertise in diverse characterization and testing techniques, contributing to the development and market introduction of innovative products.

AMULET activites

*Creating New Value Chains: Primary goal in the AMULET project has been to create new value chains by supporting the widespread adoption of advanced lightweight materials. Focused on inter-regional and cross-sectoral knowledge exchange, we have been engaged in four key sectors: automotive, aerospace & aeronautics, energy, and building. Together, we are getting closer to achieving our goal of fostering innovation and advancing technologies in these vital industries.

AMULET sectors


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