Department seminar 7th June 2019

Prof. Davide Peddis: "Design of magnetic nano-architecture for application in biomedicine and energy"

Date: 7th June  2019, Friday
Hour: 11:00
Place: K-9 Lecture room

Prof. Davide Peddis, Institute of Structure of Matter, National Research Council (CNR), Monterotondo Scalo (RM), Italy

Rezultat iskanja slik za Prof. Davide Peddis

Research activity of Davide Peddis has been developed in the framework of Solid State Physical-Chemistry and Condensed Matter Physics, studying the relationship between physical properties, crystalline structures and morphological features of nanostructured magnetic materials. DP’s activity focuses on the design of magnetic nano –hetero-structures (nanoparticles, particles embedded in matrix, core shell structures, hollow nanoparticles, anisometric particles) and the study of their magnetic properties. Particular attention has been devoted to the investigation of fundamental properties of magnetic nanoparticles (static and dynamical properties) with particular interest in materials for applications in biomedicine (MRI, drug delivery, hyperthermia), catalysis, and energy field (permanent magnets, hydrogen production).

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