Funding opportunity for the innovation of the European lightweighting SMEs

H2020 AMULET: The Advanced Materials & Manufacturing United for LightwEighT

Manufacturing is nowadays striving for a wiser change into a more sustainable future for post-pandemic world. As environmental concerns become increasingly important to consumers, many market sectors are shifting toward greater energy consciousness and sustainability.

The Advanced Materials & Manufacturing United for LightwEighT (AMULET) project aims to benefit from the innovation potential of SMEs that will be creating new value chains by fostering the penetration of advanced lightweight materials in industry. AMULET will focus on the following three advanced materials: light metal alloys, ceramic matrix composites, polymer-based composites and their implementation in four sectors:

Open Calls
The AMULET will organize 2 Open Calls to enhance this innovation potential of SMEs through a cross sectors and funded knowledge exchange.

1st Open Call will be launched on 12th April 2022!

For this reason, the first Open Call will be selecting Consortium of minimum 2 and maximum 3 Legal entities including exclusively SMEs to leader Bottom-up projects that address the development and implementation of demonstration activities around technology and systems applicable to the 12 challenge areas. The selected consortia will receive up to 120K€ (60K€ for each SME) and the Funding and Business training support.

Matchmaking events to build innovative SMEs consortia

The Amulet consortium will organize 3 important networking opportunities for SMEs interested in participating in the first Open Call. SMEs will be able to participate in three matchmaking events and use the platform to meet other companies to work together on their project.

Apply until 30th June 2022 at 17:00 (CET) on the application website:

Learn more about these opportunities, visit our official website

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