Jožef Stefan Institute is member of ELCA network

European Lightweight Cluster Alliance

What is ELCA?

Rezultat iskanja slik za European Lightweight Cluster Alliance)

ELCA (European Lightweight Cluster Alliance) is a collaborative initiative that aims to accelerate the adoption of lightweight materials in strategic industries. The alliance will establish a unique inclusive business framework which enable the main players from established industries and research institutions to explore lightweight-driven market opportunities collaboratively, and facilitate activities to put the lightweight technologies into practice

In the lightweight domain, the Advanced Materials Department’s research activities include the development of ceramic- and bio-based materials for electronic devices with new or improved properties and research on nanostructured materials with the processes for their preparation.

ELCA brings together top class lightweight researchers and facilities in which multiple and varied R&D projects are developed and further implemented at large scale, addressing the challenges and needs of industry.


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