NEW PUBLICATION in journal Small Methods - New research on green hydrogen production through electrolysis of seawater

Dr. Suraj Gupta and Prof. Matjaž Spreitzer, from the Advanced Materials Department of the Jožef Stefan institute, collaborated with Prof. Nainesh Patel and Prof. Rohan Fernandes from the Christ University, Bangalore in India to develop a series of bifunctional electrocatalysts for green hydrogen production through electrolysis of seawater. Work was published in the journal Small Methods.

With the increasing demand for green hydrogen obtained from water electrolysis, the demand for purified water is also rising rapidly. The dependence on purified water can be averted by utilizing low grade water sources such as seawater. In this article, a new series of low-cost electrocatalysts based on amorphous metal phospho-borides were screened for the first time and their performance was evaluated for direct application in seawater electrolysis. The optimized catalyst was evaluated under extreme working conditions and was found to remain active and stable even at industrially relevant high current densities.

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