Laboratory for Biomaterials

Within Centre of Excellence in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology funded by EU a novel laboratory for biomaterials was established. It is equipped with facilities for synthesis and processing of biomaterials as well as testing in vitro stability and interactions with bacterial and human cells.


Official name: SP-25 EASY OVEN (KAMBIČ)
Person responsible: Dr. Špela Kunej

Function: Drying, hot air sterilization, heat treatment, surface treatment, curing

Technical information: 

  • Temperature range +5 to+300°C,
  • Volume ~ 25L



Centrifuge Centric 350

Centrifuge CENTRIC 350 is universal laboratory centrifuge, designed for use in medical, industrial and scientific laboratories for separating substances with different relative densities by centrifugal force. The maximum rotational speed of 15.000 RPM gives the centrifugal force of 21.630 x g. 

• Adjustable speed, relative centrifugal force, radar correction
• Various accelerating and inhibiting speeds
• Number /volume of tubes: 4-48, 1.5 to 100 ml
• Speed (RPM): from 200 to 15000 rpm

Shaking bath IMG 5017

Shaking water bath (Memmert)

  • For in vitro stability testing.
  • Simulation of physiological conditions.
  • Temperature regulation: 5 °C over the room temperature up to 95 °C (±0.1 °C)
  • Shaking regulation: 10 – 80 rpm

Colony counter IMG 5040

Automated colony counter (Acolyte 3, Synbiosis)

  • Automated counting and statistical analysis of bacteria colonies.
  • Determination of MIC and MBC concentration of antibacterial materials.

Multiplate reader IMG 5031

Microplate reader (H1 Hybrid Multi-mode Microplate Reader, Synergy)

  • Quantitative analysis of human cells.
  • Microdilution test.