Laboratory for Biomaterials

Within Centre of Excellence in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology funded by EU a novel laboratory for biomaterials was established. It is equipped with facilities for synthesis and processing of biomaterials as well as testing in vitro stability and interactions with bacterial and human cells.

Inverted microscope IMG 5036

Inverted microscope (Eclipse Ti-U, Nikon)

For phase contrast and fluorescent detection of cells, observation of the bacteria growth inhibition cone, morphological changes of cells, adhesion of cells on the surface of (bio)materials.

Critical Point Drier IMG 5050

Critical point dryer (K850, Quorum Technologies)

Preparation of biological samples for electron microscopy.

Incubators IMG 5022


CO2 incubator (MCO-19AIC(UV)-PE, Panasonic)

  • For growing of human cells.

Incubator (I-105 CK UV, Kambič)
  • For growing of bacteria.

Steam sterilizer IMG 5027

Steam Sterilizer (Autoclave A-21CA, Kambič)

  • For sterilization of all kinds of solid and porous materials.

Refrigerator freezer IMG 5019

Refrigerator with freezer (MPR-215F-PE, Panasonic)

  • Cooling system for storage of biological materials, biomaterials and chemicals.
  • Refrigerator (2 do 14 °C; 176 l ) / Freezer (-20 do - 30 °C;39 l)