Laboratory for Materials synthesis


High-Pressure Laboratory reactor (BR-700, Berghof, Germany)

  • Enables hydrothermal synthesis of nanopowders.  

Fume cupboard IMG 4682

Fume cupboard (System DELTA 30, Wesemann), 4 pieces

  • Enables ventilation of the volatile components during the synthesis of materials from solutions.

System for production of ultra pure  IMG 4683

System for production of ultra-pure water with additional reservoir (Purelab Option-Q7, ELGA)

  • Production capacity ultra-pure water): 7 l/h
  • Reservoir: 25 l

Ultrasonic Processor IMG 5044

Ultrasonic processor for high volume applications (Sonics VCX 750)

  • For sonochemical synthesis and ultrasonic treatment of materials.

Flow Box IMG 4688 v

Flow box (Iskra PIO LFVP15)

  • Clean working environment.
  • ISO 14644-1 class: 4