Equipment for general characterization

X-ray diffractometer (EMPYREAN)

In the scope of the Center of Excellence in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology we installed Empyrean X-ray diffractometer at Advanced Materials Depatment, which is utilized mainly for detailed structural characterization of single-cystalline thin films. The delivered system enables the study of epitaxial layers in terms of reciprocal space-map measurements and determination of epitaxial relationship with respect to the substrate, while the reflectivity measurements provide us information about the thickness, surface/interface roughness and density of single or multilayered structures on substrate. The above mentioned applications of the system are enabled by sample stage with 5 computer controlled and programmable axes and very powerful 2D area detector, capable of measuring in 0D mode (standard point detector), 1D mode (fast linear detector) and 2D mode (area detector). In addition to structural characterization of thin films standard powder diffraction measurements can also be performed, optionally with diffracted beam monochromator for sample fluorescence removal. Furthermore, the system is equipped with high/low temperature sample stages, which enable measuring samples in a broad temperature range from -261 °C to 1200 °C and different gas atmospheres.

Emperyan + Nanocenter


Heat flow meter (according to EN 12667)

  • Heat flow meter according to EN 12667
  • Thermal conductivity <800 mW/(m K)
  • Designed for small samples
  • Temperature dependence of lambda

X ray diffractometer  IMG 5145

X-ray diffractometer (BRUKER AXS D4 ENDEAVOR)

  • For qualitative and quantitative phase analysis and crystal structure determination.
  • X-ray tube Siemens KFL Cu-Ka (50 kV, 50 mA, 2.4 kW) with line focus 12 mm x 0.1 mm
  • Primary and secondary radius: 200.5 mm
  • Receiving slit width: 0.1 mm
  • Receiving slit length: 12 mm
  • Primary soller angle: 2.3 °
  • Secondary soller angle: 2.3 °

Thermal analysis  IMG 5144

Thermal analysis (NETZSCH STA 449 C/6/G Jupiter – QMS 403)

  • For TG-DTA/DSC analysis with gas analytical system.
  • Weighing resolution: 0.1 μg Atmosphere: oxidizing (air,O2), inert (N2, Ar) Gas mass: 1-300 amu
  • High temperature tube furnace: - with Rh heater (temperature range 25 °C-1650 °C) - with SiC heater (temperature range 25 °C-1550 °C)
  • Financed by Center of Excellence: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

UV Vis NIR Spectrophotometer IMG 5128

UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer (Shimadzu UV-3600)

  • Wavelength Range: 185 nm - 3300 nm
  • Resolution: 0.1 nm
  • Sampling Pitch: 0.01 - 5 nm
  • Photometric Range: -6 to 6 Abs
  • Photometric System: Double beam
  • Three Detectors: PMT, InGaAs, PgS
  • ISR-3100 Integrating Sphere Attachment, 60 mm (Wavelength Range: 240 nm – 2400 nm)